Tips To Create Youtube Thumbnails

Use colors that draw attention

The same thing happens with colors as with faces. The idea is to get as much attention as possible in a matter of seconds. If you use bold colors, you will get more attention. Keep the following in mind:

  • Use maximum 3-4 colors counting the background, title and other elements.
  • Do not abuse colors. These have to help you get attention without becoming the protagonists.
  • Make the letters contrast with the background.
  • Keep an editorial style with the colors in all your miniatures.

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Short, large and clear texts

The texts in the miniatures have to be short, large and clear. The theme of the video has to be very clear in a matter of seconds. It is essential because it is very likely that users read the text of your thumbnails (thumbnail generator & downloader) before the title of the video itself.

Do not abuse the text, this does not have to occupy the entire screen.

  • Whenever possible, use capital letters. They will see and understand each other better.
  • Choose a font that is well understood at a small size.
  • The text always ahead of the image and contrasted with the background.
  • Always try to be as original as possible and never copy.

Do not forget about SEO

Last but not least, SEO. And for the more laggards here you have our super tutorial on how to do SEO on YouTube to better position your videos . And yes, thumbnails (thumbnail generator & downloader) can also help you gain more views and even subscribers to your channel. How? Very easy. You just have to name the video file well before uploading it to your channel. If for example your video is called: 290A9880.JPG, change the name and put the title of the video or something related to your keyword.

  • The first option to make this type of effect is to use a decentrable lens, with which you can move them vertically or horizontally without tilting the camera. These objectives are also used in architectural photography to correct perspective. The difference with respect to “normal” optics is that they allow, by means of a horizontal or vertical displacement with respect to their optical axis, to vary the normal perpendicular relation existing between said optical axis and the focal plane of the camera. If you are going to record a video, it is essential to use a tripod, and you will have to take into account recording more minutes than you want the video to last because after doing the acceleration it will be shorter. We have recorded for ten minutes at 25 frames per second, we have accelerated it to 800% and we have a video of more or less a minute and a half, you can do your tests. In the case of applying the effect in photography, you can make as many photos as you think necessary.
  • The second option would be to do it with a telephoto lens and follow the same steps as with the decentrable one: zenith inclination and focus the point of interest. Of course, we can not do the effect in situ , we will have to do it in post production.
  • We have also used a 50 mm in the same way: high point of view and point of interest in the center. You will also have to simulate the blur in post production.

In Photoshop you will find the option in the focus, you can do the Tilt directly and measure the amount of lower and upper blur that you like the most. And in the Premiere, whether for video or photo, the effect is usually predetermined.

And one more way! Some compact cameras, such as the Fujifilm X20, include a miniature effect filter that does it automatically.


As you have already seen, the miniatures are very important when positioning your videos. It is an extra time that you should invest, but believe us when we tell you that it is very worthwhile and will greatly help your channel to grow. Think that the greatest Youtubers have been using miniatures in their favor for a long time, why shouldn’t you do it too? With such a big competition, having curved miniatures for your videos will give you more advantage over your competitors. In future posts we will see more tips and tricks on how to improve the reproductions of your videos and increasing the subscribers of your channel.