Mythology – Definition And History Of Mjollnir

After mentioning Mjollnir (yes, I’m going to spell it in many different ways, because I’m a rebel) in the article dedicated to Thor, it was still necessary to make it an integrally centered on the story of Mjollnir, his hammer.

Mjollnir, white flash , is a magic Thor’s Hammer forged by Brokk.

Powers of Mjolnir: to cause thunder and lightning, to shape the mountains, to return to Thor’s hand and to kill the ice giants. And become so small that it can be stored in a pocket!

It is for this penultimate reason that the Ases named Miolnir “the best magical object in the world. Because the ice giants were not laughing.

In the Thrymskvida (Song of Thrym), it is said that the giant Thrym managed to seize Mjollnir, jeopardizing the kingdom of Asgard. Thor was then forced to disguise himself as a woman (not terrible for Viking virility), in the goddess Freya more precisely, that the giant Thrym wanted to marry.

The giant, not smart, let himself be duped and Thor recovered his Thor’s Hammer by trickery. And killed the giant and all his family. Yeah, Thor does not make you laugh either.

In all the saga, when Thor brandished Mjolnir, the ice giants died.

Apart from Skymir, one of the forms of Utgarda Loki, king of the giants; story evoked in that of Thor. During a visit to Jotunheim, Thor tried to hit Skymir with his hammer (yes, nice courtesy visit.)Skymir then asked if a leaf or an acorn had grazed it.

Thor had the glands. But Utgarda Loki finally admitted that he had to protect himself with mountains to cushion the blows, thus drawing new valleys under the blows of Thor and Mjollnir. Mjollnir was the equivalent of the Dagda baton, the lightning of Zeus or the Thor’s Hammer of Sucellos (Gaulish god, even if Suck bone sounds Greek.)

That is to say a weapon conferring on its bearer the status of elected, an immense destructive power , but also a power constructor .

Indeed, it is a dispenser of the divine energy, able to resurrect or accompany valiant hearts in the beyond; as when Thor burned Baldr’s pyre with a flash of Mjollnir, to accompany him in death.

This “constructor” aspect is reinforced among the Vikings, since Miolnir is a carpenter’s hammer, with a short handle (too short, because Loki sabotaged the manufacture to reduce the weapon that Thor was going to receive.) A hammer to build, a tool, venerated by the Scandinavians as the most powerful weapon of all.