How To Choose And Create A Wallet Of Cryptocurrencies?

If you start buying cryptocurrencies (Claim BTCP Electrum), you will need a wallet. It will allow you to store your cryptocurrency, but also to send it, receive it, buy it or sell it. However, you will find several types and you may have some difficulty finding you and making your choice.

The different types of online cryptocurrency portfolios

Before choosing your cryptocurrency portfolio, you need to determine the type of portfolio you want to use. There are several, all with their own characteristics and benefits.

  • The first type of portfolio we will see is the one on a cryptocurrency trading platform . These platforms, such as Coinbase, allow you to trade different cryptocurrencies but also to enjoy a portfolio. These are very simple portfolios to use. They are installed automatically when creating your account and just go to your wallet to instantly generate a new address. The supported crypto-currencies differ depending on the platforms. Do not hesitate to consult the crypto-currencies available on each interface before you create an account.
  • You will find multi-wallet portfolios . These are versatile portfolios that allow you to use multiple cryptocurrencies. Although they are a little more complex to use than the portfolios of the platforms, they are nevertheless more complete and practical to use than the simple portfolios that we will describe later. If you use multiple crypto-currencies and you are not necessarily new to cryptocurrency, it could be the ideal cryptocurrency wallet for you. Among the most used multi-wallet wallets, you’ll find Jaxx.
  • Finally, you will find many portfolios valid for a single currency. Although they are less comprehensive than other types of portfolio, they will provide you with many benefits. The most important is an increased completeness compared to the various polyvalent purses. For example, you will have the official portfolios for each cryptocurrency.

Once you have chosen the type of cryptocurrency wallet you want, all you have to do is choose a wallet. We present you the portfolios that we find the most interesting in each category. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, as there are too many portfolios online and we want to offer only the best.

The portfolios of cryptocurrency trading platforms

In this category, you will find a large number of platforms, among which …

  • The Coinbase platform is the reference for crypto-currency trading platforms. It is indeed an interface that allows you to easily trade the most popular cryptocurrencies (Claim BTCP Electrum) such as Bitcoin or Litecoin. It’s exactly the same with his wallet of cryptocurrencies that should not be a problem for you. Indeed, your wallet will be installed by default and you will simply have to generate an address to create a new one. However, your identity must be validated so that you can generate new addresses.
  • The BitBay interface also offers many options since you can trade a large number of cryptocurrencies on a very secure system. You will have two means of protection with a password required during the connection but also with two-factor authentication that will offer you a second protection. You will be able to store your cryptocurrency without worrying about its security. This is a good thing since you can now take advantage of the very good portfolio of BitBay, which combines perfectly efficiency and simplicity: your wallet will be automatically available and you only have to click on a button to generate a new address .
  • Binance is another very effective platform, but it is somewhat different than the previous two in that it only offers cryptocurrency exchange, so you will not be able to buy or sell crypto-currency. currency for real money. However, its portfolio is just as interesting as the other two platforms since you can use it in a simple way. It will be installed when you create your account and you just have to click on a button to generate a new address.