Craps And The Ghost Of Las Vegas

Tourists visiting Las Vegas, Atlantic City or other major US gambling cities should not leave a casino เว็บแทงบอล without having diced at least once at the table. Stickman, Boxman and Dealer are the gamekeepers at the table. In the name of the stickman takes care of the dice with a long stick, the boxman monitors the game, checks the dice and decides in unclear situations. The dealer is responsible for the smooth running of the stakes at the table. He spends the chips and collects the lost chips.

A special place for craps fans has always been Binion’s Horseshoe Casino เว็บแทงบอล on the Strip of Las Vegas. In 1951, the famous gambling magnate Benny Binion opened the Horseshoe – to the great annoyance of his competitors. He decided to dramatically increase the table limit for craps. With $ 500, the limit was far more interesting than any other casino. The casino is no longer owned by the Binion family, but the excellent craps tables have remained. For those who are looking for the true Las Vegas feeling: on the dice, get set, go!

Sic Bo – The cage game

Sic Bo is a dice game whose style of play is somewhat reminiscent of roulette. Sic Bo is also known by many other names: “Chuck a Luck”, “Grand Hazard” or “Big and Small”. The game with the three dice comes from China, better said Shanghai. From there, Chinese immigrants brought them to the Chinatowns of the United States. The game is intercontinental long no longer exotic. In Europe, it is not necessarily found in every casino เว็บแทงบอล. Online, however, the game can be played anytime, anywhere.

Particularly interesting to Sic Bo is that the dice are put into a kind of cage, the “Birdcage”, and rotated there, so that the result falls without a hand and cup. The croupier puts the dice back into the cage with each new round. Players can bet on the tableau. Actually, you can now bet on all possible combinations of the three dice. The most popular and very promising bet is to bet on “Small” or “Big”. This simple chance is known from roulette, where you bet on results of 1-18 and 19-36. The same applies to the Sic Bo, except that the number sizes here range from 4-10 and 11-17. Similar to the zero in roulette, threesomes spoil the easy chances with the Sic Bo. Happy, for example, who then bet on “Any Triple”. A result with three equal numbers then wins with a quota of 30: 1. Even better, if you could predict which triple falls exactly, with the “Specific Triple” there is the attractive odd of 180: 1.

Although the tableau may seem chaotic to the inexperienced, the game is simple and worth trying if players are looking for a change. Especially roulette players will find their way around Sic Bo well. Even if Craps is too complicated at first, you can play some carefree chances with Sic Bo.

THe Dice Poker

They actually exist: Dice for a card game. “Poker Dice”, “Liar Dice” or “Escalero” are the game variants of the dice poker. Poker dice originated in the 19th century – of course in the USA. Instead of numbers, the symbols of the classic card decks can be found on the cubes.

Poker Dice is a game between two people. As with regular poker, the goal is to beat the other with a better combination. Mostly each player has his own set of dice. The five dice can spit out a lot of combinations. For example “Five of a kind”, ie five identical eyes like five tens. The Poker Dice can of course be played analogous to the card poker in several betting rounds. However, dice poker will be more of a game for the experienced, whether played with real poker dice or regular dice. The Liar Dice is the hidden dice poker. This means that, as with the card game, you can bluff. Liar Dice is the most popular dice game in the US alongside Craps and Sic Bo. The variant Escalero in turn is in demand especially in Austria.