Common Nail Disorders And Treatments.

For more and more people today, nail disorders are becoming a problem. For those who visit a nail salon to get nails regularly, their technicians can report problems in their early stages and can seek treatment while the country is still soft (the recovery time is also a long time.) Faster).

However, for those who do not visit a nail salon, many of them do not know that they suffer from nail disease until one day, their pain becomes unbearable, and by then, it may take longer. Normally, your nails are recovered… Also, when this happens, you should turn to your family doctor for help.

Today we will discuss 3 common nail diseases and simple home treatments, what you can do to help your nails recover.

Ingrown toenail

The first one is red nails. This can happen to your hands or feet.

The ingrown nail (fresh fingers) is when the nail grows toward the side of the nail bed. Over time, your nail bed will be infected and you will see the red box around the area and touch sensitive.

So why do you get an ingrown toenails? Most of the time, he gets because he keeps biting his nails or wearing shoes that are too small and bad habits.

To treat ingrown toenail, the first thing to do is to soak the infected nails in warm water and soften. Then, slowly and gently lift the nail from the nail bed and cut it off. However, if the condition is too severe (unbearable pain), you should visit your family doctor and he will help you with your narcotics bite (without feeling pain) to remove your ingrown toenails. ).


Paronychia (fresh fingers) is another common nail disease. This happens when there is too much moisture around the nails. Most people with this type of nail disease include those who develop bad habits that constantly suck your thumb or fingers.

When suffering from paronychia, you will experience swelling of your nails (and the resulting swelling and pain).

This is a simple home treatment to get rid of paronychia: immerse in the infected A in the spa (preferably as hot as possible, but not too much, so you can burn your hands!). The reason is that the bacteria responsible for paronychia, S. pyogenes, die in hot water. In addition, hot water also helps to eliminate infection (caused by paronychia).

After soaking your hands in warm water (about 10 to 15 minutes), you can put some peppers on the affected area. You may feel a “spicy” effect (chili), but it is necessary because it helps the blood flow to the affected area and eliminates various bacteria.

You will see a significant improvement in a day or two. If not, go to the doctor and receive treatment.

Hematoma hematoma

When your hand or finger is knocked in the car window or an injured submucosal hematoma occurs with a hammer or other object. After a day or two, your nails will swell, defeat all the time, and then turn black (if you ask, black is caused by the accumulation of nails in the blood and under dryness).

The best way to treat nails of this disease at home is to use a needle/needle to poke a small hole in the middle of the infected nail (make sure the blood starts to come out) and then soak the infected finger in the nail. Take a bath with hot water and let the blood flow.