Cellulite-Causes And Cures

Cellulite is often referred to as “cheese” or “orange peel”, mainly because of its appearance, which looks like dimples or sputum under the skin. We often think that “dimples” are very cute… if we can say the same to the terrible cellulite (cellulite cupping results)!

Cellulite mainly affects women, but a small percentage of men are affected. Cellulite is a problem faced by many women: in fact, about 90% of women suffer from thighs and buttocks to some extent. Even the “perfect” women you see in movies and magazines are affected by this unsightly “cheese” effect, as you can see in magazines such as the Globe, which seems to be happy. The unpleasant star photos are caught off guard.

There are basically two types of cellulite. Hard fat often occurs in the body of a dancer, runner or athlete and is difficult to eliminate because it adheres directly to muscle tissue. However, this cellulite is usually not as visible as soft cellulite. Soft cellulite occurs in a large area of ​​the body and often “sinks” into the body because it does not easily adhere to the muscles.

What is the reason for cellulite?

A cellulite is an adipose tissue located beneath the surface of the skin. This layer of skin contains connective tissue bands and many fat cells and is surrounded by a liquid that nourishes it and provides an effective recovery system. However, the waste must be removed because when the toxin is trapped in the skin, the connective tissue thickens and produces a cellulite surrender effect. As you age, this layer will also thicken, which will also produce the undulating effect of cellulite.

However, there is a difference between fat and fat, where fat separates the body and protects organs, nerves and muscles. On the other hand, cellulite does not provide padding and only occurs in certain areas of the body, such as the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and breasts.

Cellulite is not necessarily a weight factor. You don’t have to be overweight to get cellulite. Although diet and lifestyle affect the formation of cellulite, most cellulite is composed of toxins and fats that accumulate in the body and can affect women of all body types, weights and body structures. .

In general, cellulite can be attributed to a combination of factors, usually not caused by one factor. The following are the most common:

Genetics: Does your mother or grandmother have this disease?

Lack of exercise: By following bodybuilding and cardiovascular programs, you can reduce body fat and increase muscle tone, which can reduce the appearance of cellulite (cellulite cupping results).

Diet: Poor eating habits (including excessive alcohol consumption, caffeine and spicy foods) may contribute to the formation of cellulite because the toxins they produce are trapped in adipose tissue.

Insufficient drinking water: Water helps eliminate excess toxins in the body. Try at least 12 glasses of water a day.

Contraceptives: This is because the body’s waste treatment system is unable to get rid of the huge estrogen flow in the body.

Smoking: You don’t need to tell yourself about the harmful effects of smoking, but you may not know that it may also help to form cellulite. Smoking can weaken the skin and damage connective tissue that affects cellulite due to contraction of capillaries.

Stress: Stress can cause muscle tension and connective tissue that covers the muscles. Tension also blocks the fabric, preventing proper disposal and purification of the waste.