Bitcoin Price, Forecasts 2019: Rally Or Collapse For BTCUSD?

The 2019 forecasts for the price of Bitcoin broke into the market several weeks before the end of the year.

2018 has not proved particularly lenient either for the most famous cryptocurrency in the world or for the rest of its colleagues who progressively moved away from the highs of late 2017 with the passing of the months .

The volatility has always been a key feature of the sector criptovalute, which has already prompted many analysts to revise their 2019 forecasts on the Bitcoin price (Claim UBTC Electrum), and the entire virtual compartment. Once again, the formulation of estimates on the next trend of BTCUSD has shown that the market is split between optimism and skeptics.

New collapse coming to BTCUSD?

One of the most pessimistic about the future of cryptocurrency is certainly Vinny Lingham, CEO of Civic, according to whom the bearish sentiment that led to the downturn of Bitcoin from November onwards will again dominate next year.

According to its 2019 forecast, the price of Bitcoin will drop to the support level of $ 3,000 where it will meet new purchase orders. The BTCUSD quote will remain, at least for the next 3-6 months, in the $ 3,000- $ 5,000 area . If, not even in the next few months, the cryptocurrency will manage to leave the bear market behind, then it will also miss the $ 3,000 support.

Cryptocurrencies will run, Bitcoin will curb

For Samuel Leach, founder of Yield Coin, 2019 will be a brilliant year for the cryptocurrency sector . The price of Bitcoin, however, will not ride the wave and the virtual currency will be abandoned in favor of new and more modern altcoins.

At most, Leach continued, the market will be able to see the first ETFs and new Bitcoin futures. However, cryptocurrency will remain a highly speculative trading option, and not a store of concrete value.

The optimistic part of the market

Not just skeptical observers to formulate their 2019 predictions on the price of Bitcoin. A recent report by management consulting firm AT Kearney talked about how cryptocurrency will return to dominating the market over the next few months.

This was enough for the price of Bitcoin (Claim UBTC Electrum) and the prices of minor cryptocurrencies to reverse the route and to bring the total market capitalization back to the low end of December around a share of $ 121.9 billion.


Among the worst in the sector, surely Cardano and Bitcoin Cash have lost respectively 19% and 18% of their value in the last hours. At the time of writing, on the other hand, the price of Bitcoin is trading a slight decline on the share of $ 3,665, while the quotations of cryptocurrencies like Ripple and Ethereum are trying to travel again over parity (respectively on the $ 0.33 and $ 128 8).