Best Graphics Cards For Gaming Buying Guide

Best graphics card by price range – Which GPU to choose (AMD or NVIDIA) and how much to spend on a satisfying gaming experience? In this page we try to answer these questions with a review of the best GPUs on the market divided by price range.

The new architectures Pascal and Polaris 11 have allowed NVIDIA and AMD to bring on the market several new models that make gaming at 1080p much more accessible. Precisely for these changes it is perhaps a bit more difficult to re-orientate between the crowded choice of graphics cards including those inside PC pre-assembled and, why not, notebooks that still struggle to adopt new solutions.

This is why we have put together this collection for you with (in our opinion) the best graphics cards available on the market, conveniently divided by price range, referring to the main online shops.

How do we choose PC graphics cards?

The graphics card that you find to follow we have chosen by evaluating the models on the market, based where possible on tests carried out by us in the editorial office or on tests and experiences of using reliable and reliable sources. Reading this page you will notice how in the various paragraphs we have avoided to indicate cards of specific producers (eg ASUS, MSI, Gygabyte, PNY, Sapphire …). The reason is that it is difficult to give advice in this regard and it depends a lot on what you are looking for.

The specifications between a basic and a customized GPU are very similar to each other and often (except for offers) the price difference does not justify the increase in performance. However, it is true that each of you can have particular needs , be it aesthetic, cooling or want a factory overclocked board . To start orientating you can refer to these macro categories:

  • Best graphics card for gaming to play in full HD
  • Best graphics card for gaming to play in full HD without compromise or 1440p
  • Best graphics card for gaming to play 1440p without compromise
  • Best graphics card for gaming to play in 4K

The general advice we can give you is this: once you have chosen the gaming target and price, then the model, throw yourself on the cheaper variant if you want to save money (clearly relying on serious dealers), or on what you like or convince more .

How to change graphics card?

If you are willing to change graphics card, you may already know that this involves a manual procedure. If you have no practical manual work and do not want to put your PC at risk, contact specialized personnel. Otherwise, know that the procedure is quite easy. In a special guide we explain how (possibly) to disassemble your old graphics card, and install the new one.

A serious note

During the year 2018, cryptocurrency mining has noticeably interfered in this market: prices have been quite high already in the mid-range and some models have long been unobtainable. Even today the RX 570 and 580 and almost all the GTX above 1050 Ti are hard to find at a good price. In fact, better prices are seen more often than in the first few months of the year. Now that the new NVIDIA RTX GPUs have also been presented, prices are still set to fall. About RTX, you do not see them on the list because the first field tests have yet to come out.

In this article we have given a reference for you, so that you can have a reference to what can be a good figure for a certain type of model, maybe to keep an eye awaiting offers.